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Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits. From increased focus to heightened flexibility, we can all benefit from different types of yoga. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what works for you.

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Mondays @ 2:00PM

The ultimate total body workout, this class contains a little of everything. A mixture of movement stretching and balance, we will get the heart rate pumping, as well as the tight muscles stretching. We will focus on toning the core, arms, shoulders and legs with a variety of challenging postures. Modifications and advanced postures will be included, so that every level yogi can have a safe and meaningful practice.


Tuesday @ 2:00 PM

Many of us suffer from poor posture due to our lifestyle and work habits, and this vinyasa flow is designed with that in mind. Targeting the neck, shoulders, and back, we will work on opening the chest and strengthening our backs. This class will include gentle backbends, with the option to take more advanced ones if you'd like. As well as being energizing postures, heart openers and backbends help reduce stress and anxiety, increase spinal flexibility, improve breathing, stretch and tone the front body, change our perspectives, and cultivate strength, courage, and trust.


Wednesday @ 2:00 PM

Yin is similar to Restorative, but with a little more spice. Holding seated postures of several minutes at a time, and often with the use of props, we find our edge, and then slowly ease deeper into the pose using our breath. Excellent for improving hip and leg flexibility, yin also helps strengthen the mind's determination and concentration. This class will leave you blissfully stretched out and feeling amazing. Great to help alleviate hip and back pain. Strap/scarf/belt, pillows, and blocks/books recommended to have handy. 


Thursdays @ 2:00 PM

Our sedentary lifestyles leave of us with some seriously tight hips, which can then turn into leg, back, and even neck pain. In this vinyasa flow, we will focus on moving the body and stretching out the major hip muscles through a variety of hip opening postures. Our hips are where we store trapped emotions and trauma, so some postures can at times feel physically and mentally uncomfortable. A consistent practice will not only gain us flexibility in our hips, but will help us grow mentally and bring balance into our lives. 


Fridays @ 2:00 PM

This is a total body workout with a slower pace than our Power Flow. Fusing mindful breathing and gentle, thoughtful movements,this flow will ease you into a relaxed state and help strengthen your mind-body connection. Class will incorporate relaxing breathing techniques, as well as some longer yin pose holds with the use of props (strap/scarf/belt, block/book, pillow). 


Sundays @ 8:30 PM

Different than your typical vinyasa flow, in this class we allow our bodies to relax in a series of comfortable seated positions for extended periods of time. Using props, such as pillows (2), blankets (2), straps (or belt/scarf), and blocks (can substitute two thick books or something block-like), and practicing mindful breathing, we can allow ourselves to come into a deeply relaxed, meditative state. This class will leave you feeling light, refreshed, and ready to tackle the new week. 

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